Salmon Run Golf Course

1. For each section upload , I tried to group all the videos together and various videos to use for voiceover. Hopefully it makes sense.

2. Special instruction on Pre-Intro should be a scenic beginning. One the very first video clip, the Drone Flyover Clip, write the following overlay: Ranked by Golf Digest as one of the most beautiful and challenging courses in Oregon. Salmon Run Golf Course is unlike any other in the Pacific Northwest. The rest of the video clips that goes with the Pre-Intro are grouped in this section.

3. Please use beautiful and creative transitions. The General Manager of the Golf Course and the City of Brookings takes pride in our local course, they have expectation of excellence in the way the video story is laid out.

4. Please create a 2nd video- a much shorter version, separate from this interview on for Salmon Run Golf Course, a little longer than a sizzle reel. I will be using this shorter version in our local movie theater as an Ad. Make it the length of my community video you guys created for me.

5. I will want the whole package of all versions on the first video. Please do not forget to use my newest IG template. Thank you.

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