Jmo – MDV – Pam Presentation

There are 3 videos here to make from the 1 file. First is a <60 9x16 only. No write up needed. 2nd is Pam's presentation. Please use the files from the powerpoint, play with her positioning, put her smaller in a corner, she looks away a lot so trying to minimize this whilst keep her present. Use footage from Maine Life for the towns she mentions. We have Kennebunk (we have 2 tours done with them) Biddeford, Portland, Bar Harbor. Booth Bay and Rockland may be available in Stock, but if we have to skip em, that's fine. The 2 presentation ones do not need write ups. Just thumbnails. They are not about me or EML, so no EMT or Jmo logo. I will source their logo too. No distribution needed. Use screen shots from about the aways and accolades. Make sure her audio is leveled out. She talks softly.

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