Hiouchi Cafe

For the Introduction use the “Intro to Video-Drive through the Redwoods” Perhaps use the “About the Business” narrative. Either feature it as narrative over the video or someone can voiceover while on that Intro clip.

Most of the videos submitted are in the order they should be featured with exception to the B-rolls provided.

Use lots of voiceovers to include any B-roll provided and how it relates to what we are speaking of.

Definitely, use fun trendy transitions.

With the actual interview with Kevin. Let’s try to shorten this video interview. Only focus on the questions and find a quick version to his answers. He seems a bit nervous and would be great to voiceover where we can with him.

You can barely hear myself or Michele ask the questions. Our mics failed that day. (booo) perhaps mute our voice if you can and just have questions scrolling….
Q1 timestamp .38: What sets this place apart?
@timestamp 1:10 have something scroll on the video P.E.T. F.R.I.E.N.D.L.Y as Kevin speaks or do voiceover for stock videos of pets on a patio or outside.
Again, have all questions scroll or appear on the screen.
Q2 timestamp 1:28 What’s your favorite dish here?
Q3 timestamp 2:03 What kind of events do you have?
@timestamp 2:38 Kevin mentions Catering (use stock videos)
Q4 timestamp 3:13 Where can you be found on social media?

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  1. Please use this written template of instructions. I inadvertently created another one, disregard that other one as it is not as detailed as this one in here.

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