Blooms by Avigail/Avigail’s Events

The owner is a fun, loves to laugh. We want to show her personality.

1. There is a silly intro with Avigail 1 and a normalized intro with Avigail 2. Lets use both!

2. Use cool transitions throughout the video. Animations are great!

3. I’ve basically uploaded the video in the order to feature each clips.

4. There is a voiceover clip specifically for the videos I uploaded it with. It is batched together.

5. * in the voiceover clip there is a section timestamped… 1.25 use that question as a part of the interview process, “How are you inspired?” followed by Avigail answering the question.

Lots of great B-roll provided as well.

Please be creative where it draws attention, uniqueness, fun!

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